Steve’s Domestic Abuse is Getting Worse


According to a witness, after the confrontation with the husband of the woman with whom he’d been having an ongoing affair, Steve’s drinking worsened, along with his verbal abuse. He began shoving Racheyl. Witnesses noticed a change in her demeanor. She began to suffer from low self-esteem. The added stress made her see a doctor, who prescribed Zoloft. The arguing with her husband persisted; Racheyl reports that Steve was hitting her, but would black out and wouldn’t remember. In one instance, she shoved her so hard into a chair, her entire side was left bruised. He then poured bear over her head and ripped the phones out of the walls so she couldn’t call 911. Steve would leave for days at a time, but always came back. Racheyl reported to several close friends and family that she was going to get a divorce.