Steve Reports That He Finds Racheyl Face Down on the Ground


According to Steve’s written report, at about 5:30PM, he heard a dear “blow at” him. A few minutes later, he heard a dog come in and jump the deer. At about 5:45PM, he said he went to his truck to “see about the dog.” At 5:50PM, he said he called out for Racheyl. He got no response. So, we walked into the woods calling out her name. When he got close to her stand, he shone his light up the tree and couldn’t see her there. He then found her lying on the ground at the base of the tree where the stand was mounted. Again, this is according to his written report. He described her as laying face down on top of her rifle. He said he eased her over and found no signs of life. Note that the tree stand that he called “her stand” in his written report was not actually her stand at all. It was an old, broken, and never-used tree stand. Nobody who knew Racheyl believed she would go up into that stand.