Investigators Return to the Scene of Racheyl’s Death


Upon taking Racheyl’s body out of the woods, neither the Sheriff’s department nor the Georgia Department of Natural Resource locked down the scene as a possible crime scene. They didn’t put up yellow crime scene tape. They didn’t take any photos. They didn’t do any investigation that night. Instead, the scene was left open for anyone to visit, tamper with, or cover-up. The following day, Lt. Dale Bundy of the Camden County Sheriff’s Department went out to the scene with Department of Natural Resrouces Corporal Scott Glisson and EMS Lieutenant Ricky Beckham. Lt. Beckham was volunteered to go up the tree to inspect the tree stand. He found that there weren’t any leaves on the stand and that there were scratches in the wood. He then climbed down and got an axe at the request of Lt. Bundy, and cut down the tree. The stand was then taken into evidence by Lt. Bundy.