First Responders Arrive at the Scene


According to interviews with EMT Ricky Beckham, first responders arrived at the hunting club at 6:23PM, but it took them until 6:28PM to get to Racheyl. Racheyl was laying on her back when they arrived. They took over CPR from Steve Brinson. They had to intubate her because there was fluid in her lungs. They continued CPR until 6:49PM, when the EMS crew called Dr. Martinez, who instructed them to terminate resuscitation efforts. Lt. Beckham reported that there was the smell of alcohol on Racheyl’s body, but there weren’t any cans or bottle in the area. At that point, they called off the life flight helicopter that had been en route. Lt. Beckham recalled that Steve Brinson asked him, “Is she going to be OK?” In another interview, Lt. Beckham told investigators that he Steve Brinson was “taking it better” than he thought he should. Terry Holmes also told investigators a similar story. He said that Brinson’s demeanor was odd; that he just stood or sat off to the side and calmly smoked a cigarette. He thought Brinson should have been more frantic and attentive. He never saw Steve Brinson cry over Racheyl’s death. Not in that moment. Not ever.