Autopsy is Performed by Dr. Lora Darrisaw


Racheyl’s body was transported to Atlanta to undergo a complete autopsy. The examination was performed by Lora Darrisaw, MD under the supervision of Kris L. Sperry, MD. In an interview later, Dr. Darrisaw said she had been informed that this was an accidental death due to a fall from a tree stand. She was not informed of the domestic abuse prior to releasing the body to the funeral home. Had she been told that, she said, she would have pursued a more thorough autopsy. Besides this, there is evidence that Dr. Darrisaw didn’t perform a thorough autopsy. She noted under “Identifying Marks and Scars” that none were readily apparent. However, Racheyl had undergone a surgery for melanoma which had left a scar more than six inches long on her right arm. In addition to this, there were no photos taken of the autopsy. Dr. Darrisaw stated that this was standard operating procedure.